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Founded in 2013 by the North Yorkshire Coast near Whitby, the charity has successfully supported many individuals & families living with the consequences of traumatic events.

We have a record of providing continuity of cost effective care over long periods of time.

Believing in relationship based practice and openness in communication, the charity successfully cares for both individuals and communities.

Families and individuals are listened to and understood, enabling them to seek help in ways that strengthen their own resources. Visitors to the charity’s site are cared for by DBS checked therapeutic support workers.


We specialise in supporting those affected by adoption.

Registered therapists can hold therapy sessions on-site and we have
facilities for eco-therapy, sand tray work, sensory integration, play
therapy, DDP and other trauma aware therapies.

As a registered charity (no. 1154250) The Open Nest is insured to undertake the services we offer.



Therapeutic and specialised settings for individual and group work.


Caring for parents and carers is at the heart of The Open Nest Charity.


Training & conferences for professionals, parents and carers.


Our large indoor space for events and activities


Retreats for individuals & families.


Self funded and assisted places are available.


The Open Nest specialise in creating calm environments which help with sensory regulation and avoid over-stimulation.


Two double beds are available in comfortable, warm and beautifully decorated vintage caravans. The interiors are imaginatively designed with a sense of fun and comfort and contain a selection of books and films that encourage relaxation. We can accommodate up to 5 people and we host one group or family at a time.


Guests have access to 15 acres of private woodland. Throughout the ancient woods are places to sit and relax as well as places to play, have therapy or soak in an outdoor bath.


We make high quality nutritional and tasty foods that are also child friendly. We are used to supporting those with dietary needs, sensory integration needs and difficulties with certain foods or with food in itself. Meals are served in our beautiful old showman's wagon or can be delivered to individual caravans. We use locally made and grown produce wherever possible.


We have a range of treatments and activities to help lift spirits and regulate emotions.
We offer head, shoulder and neck massage in a beautiful treatment space.

Guests can bathe outdoors among the trees in wood fired baths, or enjoy a foot spa by an open fire. We offer a large choice of creative activities for both adults and children. These include crafts, baking, writing. painting, going on a magical treasure hunt or spending time with the different animals on site.


The Open Nest is a registered charity, no. 1154250

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Set in 15 acres of private woodland, the space is beautiful, safe and calm. Research tells us that spending time in natural settings can help traumatised children and adults as well as those supporting them.

Our spaces aim to provide atmospheres that support the regulating of emotions. This in turn allows communications and connections between people to be made more easily.

Specifically designed to encourage imaginative play in safe spaces and to support children who need help with sensory systems building. There are places to swing, jump, paddle, adventure, follow treasure trails and sit and reflect out in the open or under cover, by water, stone or fire.

Caring for parents and carers is at the heart of The Open Nest Charity.

Whilst children receive therapeutic interventions carers can choose from a range of therapies and to seek advice on self care as well as information on support services and strategies.

Happy Lizard
We have an excellent track record of producing and delivering high quality conferences, training and awareness raising events.

Designed to support and educated those who live or work beside children or adults affected by trauma.
Our trustees speak nationally about our work and are particularly interested in supporting social work education.
With the help of our on-site reptile caravan, we provide workshops for children which help them understand their fight/flight/freeze responses and how they might manage big emotions safely.
Training can be delivered on-site, can be day or residential or can be delivered throughout the UK.
Remedy Shed

Our large indoor space is beautifully designed and comfortable. The space can be used for therapy, training, self care treatments, creative activities, group or family meals beside the woodburner. There are kitchen facilities and large seating spaces for up to ten people. There is a digital projector and large screen for training and entertainment purposes.


Our Breathing Space retreats encourage self care, creativity and problem solving in a beautiful and safe environment. Visitors are hosted throughout their stay by therapeutic support workers.

We specialise in supporting those who are dealing with significant loss and  families or individuals who have reached crisis point.

Retreats are bespoke, client led and designed with flexibility to suit individual needs.


We aim, wherever possible, to fund raise in order to give our services free to people who would otherwise not be able to afford them.